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42Markets Group

Better markets for a better world

Who we are

42Markets is a Specialist Fintech Group, whose companies have decades of experience and deep expertise in the business processes and technology underpinning the financial and capital markets.

Each company in our group exists for a common purpose, to make global financial and capital markets smarter, simpler and more accessible.

What we do

The primary focus of the 42Markets Group is to build exponential shareholder value by identifying scaleable business opportunities in specialist financial and capital markets categories, and to incubate these businesses by investing both capital and expertise.

Why we do it

We believe markets are the most efficient mechanism that exist to create value.

When markets are accessible and everyone is able to participate greatness is possible: economies are transformed, barriers dismantled and opportunities for growth flow.

Our Group

42Markets Group Companies

The 42Markets Group is a collection of specialist companies connected through a shared purpose: to make markets simpler, smarter and more accessible.


Trusted partnerships.
Solid solutions.

Through its established relationships with leading global Trade and Treasury platform providers and the deep experience and expertise of its people, Andile provides Banks, Central Banks and other Financial Institutions with the most innovative, effective and affordable tech-driven services and solutions to Run, Change and Transform their businesses.


Forging inclusive capital markets.

Mesh is designed to fundamentally disrupt the way financial and capital markets operate and are accessed.

It is a multi-sided, end-to-end, cross-asset global platform that compresses, streamlines and optimises the services currently provided by traditional financial and capital markets gatekeepers.

FX Flow

Manage Foreign Currency exposure from Contracting to Settlement.

FX Flow is a is a foreign currency risk management system that gives clients a real-time view of their Foreign Currency Exposure and Hedges.

FX Flow allows FX Risk managers to view their clients’ exposure, manage open hedges, and track performance on an ongoing basis..


Pioneering agile functional control.

FinMio offers Banks and Insurance Companies globally the next generation strategic assets, infrastructure and operational support they need to provision real time digital products, channels and experiences for their customers and to seamlessly manage their Operational Risk, in compliance with current and future regulatory requirements.

About Us

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42Markets Group

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Better markets for a better world.