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Banks and Insurers are facing severe cost pressures and narrowing margins due to increased competition and a host of new regulatory requirements.

Regulation is driving the industry towards greater standardisation in traded products and trading models, making it possible to modularise and offer as-a-service, a substantial portion of Banks and Insurers’ Treasury and Trade and Operational Risk Management activities. The growing adoption rate of Cloud services in this sector indicates that the market is ready to consider migrating to the SaaS based modular service model that FinMio is built on.

FinMio's mission is to be the world’s leading provider of hyper-scalable, customer-centric, SaaS solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions

FinMio provides a Software-as-a Solution based approach to operational platforms, enabling Banks and Financial Institutions to choose what they deploy, when they deploy it, how much they pay based on subscription and usage and how quickly they change and maintain.

FinMio’s mission is to put its clients back in control and over time provide services that will allow for a complete Financial Institution-as-a-Service (FIaaS) offering.


FinMio was established in early 2021 during a 42Markets Create Customer Value initiative run during the Covid-19 lockdown period of 2020. The team recognised the long overdue need in financial markets for a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution, a suite of offerings that would enable financial institutions to increase transparency, efficiency, and profitability, whilst ensuring continuous regulatory compliance.

Trade, Treasury, IT and Risk decision-makers in Banks, Insurance Companies and other Financial Institutions, experience their technology platforms as dated, cumbersome and inaccessible. Staff with the scarce skills to run these platforms are hard to find, to train and even harder and retain, and long-term lock-in and non-elastic style vendor costing models are inefficient and outdated.

A platform revolution is desperately needed in Financial and Capital markets today. Demand is growing for next-generation financial markets platforms that are autonomous, independent, efficient, cloud-based, offered as-a-Service and amplified by distributed ledger technology. The market is ready for platforms that will store data in a secure and decentralised manner and will be easy to integrate across all networks and all channels.

The FinMio Solution

Cloud Native. Hyper-Scalable. Financial Institution-as-a-Service (FIaaS) solutions.

The FinMio business provides a range of offerings which on their own will solve business unit specific needs for financial institutions, but as a whole, will deliver a holistic solution for the industry.

FinMio offers financial institutions the next generation strategic assets, infrastructure, and operational support they need to provision real time digital products, channels, and customer experiences, seamlessly solving for shifting regulatory requirements and dramatically improving the performance and profitability of their offerings.

FinMio Trade and Treasury

FinMio Trade and Treasury offers banks a standardised, modular, solution-as-a-service offering, underpinned by cloud and micro-services technology. Most traditional vendors are in the process of updating their sales pitches to customers along this line, but with limited success due to the legacy nature of their technology. FinMio has reengineered the platform business model, using price and product innovation, thereby making the buying decision much simpler.

FinMio’s Trade and Treasury-as-a-Service offering will revolutionise how Trade and Treasury platforms are used, and as a result sold to financial institutions, as a “managed services solution”. This introduces a new SaaS platform ownership model that emphasises adaptability, elasticity, and risk-sharing and most importantly, a subscription and usage-based billing model.

FinMio Risk

FinMio Risk is the only Operational Risk Management platform of its kind, which is truly cloud native and which already solves for the stringent upcoming 2024 European Union Banking and Insurance regulations for Risk Management. It also offers a comprehensive super construct relating to Operational Risk Data, a world first.

Whilst working with a UK-based POC prospect recently, FinMio demonstrated that by applying the FinMio Risk methodology it could save that medium sized bank in the region of USD$30m in Regulatory Capital holdings.

FinMio Risk is a SaaS solution that is integrated, value-adding, future-oriented, and sustainable. FinMio partners strategically with clients on a “lifetime” journey, removing inefficiency and enhancing the accuracy and integrity of risk data.

FinMio: Giving clients control

FinMio’s full suite of Trade, Treasury and Risk Management products, deliver end-to-end, cloud native solutions, that are hyper-scalable, using an elastic cost of ownership model. There’s no installation, no boots on the ground, it all happens virtually. There are very few businesses in this industry that can make this claim.

FinMio constantly meets the evolving needs of the market by modularising its business and delivering component-based offerings, that can scale more easily, at lower cost.

Through its Software-as-a-Service approach to Financial Institutions’ infrastructure and operations platform requirements, FinMio provides a truly client-centric solution: one that puts its clients firmly in the driver’s seat and establishes client partnerships built on transparency and shared-risk.

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